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Executive buy-in

6 min read

Tags: Customer Success, Product Adoption, Retention

How to Get Executive Buy-In for Community-Based Customer Success

You need the executive green light to acquire customer community tools – we're here to help you make your case. Learn how to convey the customer success and business benefits of a vibrant and engaged community so you can secure buy-in.

Jeff Breunsbach
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7 min read

Tags: Product Adoption, Retention

Boosting Adoption, Retention, and Expansion with a Single Platform

Though many technology firms may have initially implemented customer communities with customer self-service in mind, as communities mature, they begin to offer strategic value outside of technical support.

Jeff Breunsbach
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5 min read

Tags: Customer Success, Product Adoption

5 Ways Customer Success Managers Can Improve Product Adoption

In this post, we’re highlighting five strategies customer success managers can use to improve product adoption rates:

Nuala Cronin
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