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Fuel Growth and Scale with Community

Deliver consistent results across all departments with the industry-leading community software from Higher Logic Vanilla.

Building an engaged online community requires forethought and focus. Launch and grow your community with a software company that has both deep experience and a singular focus on community.

Trusted by Hundreds of Growth-Minded Organizations

Gain Grow Retain

Higher Logic Vanilla Enables You To

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Boost self-service & support

Drive efficiency and responsiveness with 70% of support questions answered by community.

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Increase engagement & success

Delight your customers by enabling peer-to-peer interactions and seamless support.

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Build stronger brands & advocates

Grow your business with help from community-sourced advocates and from increased market awareness.

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Enhance product feedback

Build stronger products with feedback, ideas, and validation directly from your community.

Achieve Results That Matter

Learn How TeamViewer Achieved a 75% Decrease in Time to Answer

TeamViewer's support team was overwhelmed by an overflow of support tickets from their freemium users. With community, they were able to achieve a 75% decrease in time to answer and continue to provide their customers a noteworthy experience.

Community Screen Shot
Community Screen Shot

How Cireson Deflected 90% of Its Support Tickets

The support team at Cireson was answering hundreds of support tickets a week, often with the same frequently asked questions. After the launch of Higher Logic Vanilla, the Cireson community was able to deflect over 90% of its support tickets.

How We Do It

Leverage the only community platform made by the only community-focused company.

Higher Logic Vanilla combines the power of communities, Q&As, knowledge base, and product feedback with integrations to help you build more meaningful relationships with customers and achieve stronger business results.

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Build, launch, and grow your online community with Higher Logic Vanilla. Find out how.

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