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Community Software for Marketing Teams

In the age where consumers want more transparency from vendors and want to participate in a 2-way dialogue, a customer community can be a powerful differentiator for both B2C and B2B brands. Online Community remain the best platform for people with a common interest to come together and have meaningful discussions.

Create Advocates

Your community can help you identify, develop and reward advocates. Vanilla’s native reputation and gamification system lets you reward positive participation and provide advocates with the recognition they deserve.

Generate Leads

Search engines love question+answer pairs. Vanilla’s Q&A functionality and SEO juice will draw prospects to your community from search engines. Popular discussion topics will also help guide your content marketing initiatives.

Convert Prospects

Customers want brands to show that their products can deliver on promised benefits. A branded community gives prospects answers about your products and social proof that you offer a great product and have earned the trust of your customer base.

Increase Loyalty

A social bond and sharing of best practices will increase the value of your products and services. A branded community forum can drive repeat sales and lower churn. Vanilla’s notification system and deep integration to your website keep customers coming back.

Your New Customer Marketing Channel

Online communities provide a valuable channel for reaching and engaging users in an organic way. Best of all, industry leading SEO functionality ensures that your community reaches more than just your members by ranking in search engines.


Word of Mouth Marketing

Event, Content & Webinar Promotion

Customer Review Drives

Product Announcements and Enhancements

Built for Marketing Teams

Zoom Integration

Connect your Zoom account for one-click registration and seamless event viewing in your community. No forms, no separate landing pages. Just one click.

Community Analytics

Understand who is engaging and what they are engaging with to create the type of content and community experience customers want.

Gamification & Rewards

Encourage participation with polls and leaderboards to make it easier to identify advocates and test marketing ideas.


Leverage community with other tools, like CSPs and CRMs, to supercharge your customer success strategy and gather additional insights into account engagement.

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