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Community Software for Customer Success Teams

Using community, your Customer Success team can spend less time conducting manual tasks and instead engage your customers proactively and deliver value at scale.

Onboard Customers At Scale

Centralize training guides and videos, making it easier to onboard customers – no matter how many there are.

Increase Product Stickiness

Enable customers with help docs and info about new features to help them get the most from your product.

Reduce Churn Risk

Use community to regularly engage your customers and provide the self-service tools needed to achieve better outcomes.

Improve Customer Outcomes

With an online community you can create a space for customers to gather knowledge, exchange best practices with their peers, and provide you with product feedback.


User Self-service

Peer to Peer Learning

User Advocacy

Customer Marketing & Communications

Built for Success Teams

Knowledge Base

Enhance support with organized articles, advanced search, rich content, user engagement, analytics, and multiple knowledge bases.


Encourage interaction and knowledge sharing with Q&A functionality, featuring upvoting, accepted answers, reputation points, badges, and threaded discussions for detailed exploration.


Leverage community with other tools, like CSPs and CRMs, to supercharge your customer success strategy and gather additional insights into account engagement.

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