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Executive buy-in

6 min read

Tags: Customer Success, Product Adoption, Retention

How to Get Executive Buy-In for Community-Based Customer Success

You need the executive green light to acquire customer community tools – we're here to help you make your case. Learn how to convey the customer success and business benefits of a vibrant and engaged community so you can secure buy-in.

Jeff Breunsbach
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7 min read

Tags: Product Adoption, Retention

Boosting Adoption, Retention, and Expansion with a Single Platform

Though many technology firms may have initially implemented customer communities with customer self-service in mind, as communities mature, they begin to offer strategic value outside of technical support.

Jeff Breunsbach
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Customer service superpowers

11 min read

Tags: Customer Success, Retention

How to Give Your Customer Success Team Superpowers

Move your customer success team away from burnout and toward success with these three superpowers, all made possible by an online customer community.

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