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Gathering Product Feedback Just Got Easier

It’s hard to build a successful product without feedback from your customer. With community, hear directly from customers and share product updates.

Use Community for Revenue-Generating Products

Use community to collect feedback on your roadmap and have members vote on ideas, so you can build a better product.

Give customers a voice in the product development process by allowing them to propose updates.

Automatically send feedback gathered in community directly to your product management tool.

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Meet Higher Logic Vanilla

With our online community you can create a space for customers to gather knowledge, exchange best practices with their peers, and provide you with product feedback.

Features That Move the Needle
  • Product-Specific Categories

    Product-Specific Categories
    Create community categories dedicated to sharing release notes, creating discussion about the product, and closing the loop on ideas.

  • Idea Upvotes and Statuses

    Idea Upvotes and Statuses
    Allow members to vote for their favorite product ideas, enabling your team to identify the most popular ones.

  • Product Management Integrations

    Product Management Integrations
    Integrate with Productboard, Jira, and other tools to make it easier to capture feedback and organize it.

Trending Resources for Product Feedback

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How To Build A Product Community From Scratch

Join Peter Staal and Kirsten Wagenaar, experienced community strategists, for an in-depth webinar on how to build a product community from scratch. They will share their recipe for creating a successful product community - as well engaging your customers for ideas and feedback.

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Managing Product Feedback at Scale

There’s an art to effectively managing your customers’ ideas. We created a practical guide on how to close the product feedback loop and avoid the usual product management traps.

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How Product Teams Can Leverage Community

Scott Baldwin of ProductBoard joins Adrian Speyer to discuss the value of community for product management, how it can be used to improve and indeed, to inspire product ideation, and further product adoption.

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Product Feedback FAQs

Customer feedback is essential to building the best product. Afterall, the end user is the ultimate test of how valuable your product really is. Community streamlines and simplifies the customer feedback process, providing you with organized product feedback and actionable insights to improve your product and services in real time.

Customer feedback and product suggestions can be easily uploaded and integrated with your product management and development processes. Often the data gathered from Community can help inform valuable product development decisions.

Customers enjoy providing feedback, because your products and services are important to them. Involvement in that process helps customers feel empowered and it builds brand loyalty, encouraging early adoption of your products and services when they go to market. Providing a space for customer input into new products and services can prove valuable.

Community creates an environment for your users to comment on product releases, discuss new product features and share their experiences with your products. Customers and users of your product can also vote on product features and provide valuable input that can help you make informed product development decisions.

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