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Drive Results Across Your Business

Using community, B2B companies can provide teams and customers with the knowledge and tools needed to be successful.

Lean on Community to Improve Business and Customer Outcomes

Use community to regularly engage your business customers and provide the self-service tools needed to achieve better outcomes.

Reduce ticket volumes and increase efficiency by having searchable answers in your community.

Nurture customer relationships and increase brand awareness with the help of community-sourced advocates.

Leverage your community and integrations to collect feedback on your roadmap and send it directly to your product management tool.

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Meet Higher Logic Vanilla

With our online community you can create a space for your B2B customers to gather knowledge, exchange best practices with their peers, and provide you with product feedback.

Key Features to Grow Your Business
  • Self-Service Tools

    Self-Service Tools
    Use community to enable peer-to-peer support and host helpful resources so customers can get the answers they need without submitting a ticket.

  • Analytics

    Gain insight into engagement trends to identify your super users and advocates, inform your content strategy, and better engage your customers.

  • Integrations

    Integrate community with the other tools in your tech stack, like your CRM, marketing automation tool, and CSP to better understand and serve your customer base.

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By providing your business customers with an online community platform, they’ll gain immediate access to product guides, help/support and customer service tools 24/7. Business customers have come to expect they’ll be able to self-serve and often enjoy helping other customers with questions and product support in forums. By providing an easy-to-use online platform for your business customers to interact with you and your customers, you’ll be able to build brand loyalty.

Yes! Higher Logic Vanilla helps B2B companies improve customer retention. Online communities are proven resources for encouraging customer engagement, thereby increasing loyalty with you. Learn more about how Higher Logic Vanilla improves customer retention.

By providing an online community, B2B companies can easily adapt to the specific and varied requirements of their business customers. As products and services change and businesses evolve, an online community with Higher Logic Vanilla becomes the perfect solution for gathering product feedback, supporting customer service needs and resolving business customer issues.

Let Higher Logic help you and your customers succeed.

Learn more about our features and why you should choose us.