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Higher Logic Vanilla Platform Overview

The all-in-one community platform designed to help you and your customers succeed.

With the power of discussions, Q&As, integrations and more, building meaningful relationships with customers has never been easier.

  • Self-Service & Collaboration

    Self-Service & Collaboration

    Take the pressure of your customer support team by creating a place that has everything your customers need to succeed: help documentation, product experts, crowdsourced answers, and more.

    • Federated search pulls in content from external platforms and makes it searchable in one place.
    • Q&A and discussion enables users to crowdsource support to get answers more quickly.
    • Networking and virtual events facilitates peer-to-peer connections and best practice sharing.

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  • Theming


    Build a community that is an extension of your brand. Our simple layout editing tools allow you to create a community that is unique to you, without writing a line of code.

    • Drag and drop layout editor gives you the power to change the look and feel of pages with ease.
    • Widget library provides a host of options for banners, buttons, and more to build your pages.
    • Mobile and accessibility friendly designs make for a more inclusive and accessible user experience.

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  • User Engagement

    User Engagement

    Launch and grow an engaged community by using features like polling, leaderboards, points and badges.

    • Gamification encourages and recognizes participation with things like badges and leaderboards.
    • Polling capabilities enable a more dynamic discussion experience.
    • Product feedback process allows you to test ideas and incorporate the voice of the customer into your roadmap.

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  • Community Analytics

    Community Analytics

    Capture and visualize community data to better understand users, measure the impact of your strategy, and make more informed decisions.

    • Pre-built reports provide visibility into how users are engaging to help drive new initiatives.
    • Custom reports enable you to dig into data deeper to answer more specific questions.
    • Download your data to use it for other things, whether it’s email campaigns or further investigation

    Check out all of the Analytics & Reporting features

  • Admin & Security

    Admin & Security

    Managing an online community can feel like herding cats. But with our admin features, you’ll have everything you need to bring order to the chaos and create an engaged community. From the admin dashboard, you’ll be able to manage profiles and permissions, creating the best experiences for your community members.

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Leverage Community to Achieve Results Across Your Business

Customer Success

Deliver value at scale by creating a central engagement hub.

Customer Support

Reduce ticket volumes and support costs with self-service tools.


Grow your brand with advocates and user-generated content.


Develop more marketable products using customer feedback.


Make your community a central hub for customer engagement by integrating your systems with Higher Logic Vanilla either directly or by using Zapier or Salesforce.

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