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Community Software for Product Teams

Gathering product feedback just got easier. It’s hard to build a successful product without feedback from your customer. With community, hear directly from customers and share product updates.

Pressure-test your roadmap

Use community to collect feedback on your roadmap and have members vote on ideas, so you can build a better product.

Source new product ideas

Give customers a voice in the product development process by allowing them to propose updates.

Streamline feedback workflows

Automatically send feedback gathered in community directly to your product management tool.

Turbocharge your product feedback loop

Online communities provide a valuable channel for surfacing and activating off product feedback. Solicit feedback in an open and collaborative environment where participation is encouraged (and rewarded!)


Product Requests

Feature Voting

Release Note Updates

Product Management Tool Integrations

Built for Product Teams

Product-Specific Categories

Create community categories dedicated to sharing release notes, creating discussion about the product, and closing the loop on ideas.

Idea Upvotes & Statuses

Allow members to vote for their favorite product ideas, enabling your team to identify the most popular ones.

Product Management Integrations

Integrate with Productboard, Jira, and other tools to make it easier to capture feedback and organize it.

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