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Drive brand awareness and revenue by increasing site traffic and building strong brand advocates.

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Identifying and sourcing brand advocates and success stories for marketing programs can be difficult. Community gives organizations the visibility into how your customers are interacting with your brand, so you can build a stronger advocacy program and boost your brand identity.

Why Higher Logic Vanilla is the Choice for Marketing & Advocacy

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Higher Logic Vanilla integrates with your CRM, email marketing, and advocacy tools, to help you build marketing programs around community:

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26% increase in advocacy activity

Community helped this accounting automation software company build out it's advocacy program, while making an impact across all departments

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Businesses Already Using Higher Logic Vanilla for Marketing & Advocacy


The Marketing Executive's Guide to Community Investment


Advocacy and Community go Hand-in-Hand

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Customer Preferences: How Community can Deliver a Simplified Experience

Find out how community can help with brand awareness and advocate development.

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Online community is a key part of your brand story and your customer journey. It's the single spot for your customers to go to connect with you and their peers. Building an online community is integral for brand awareness and helps you identify and develop customer advocates, all while improving the experience your customers have with your brand.
Community is a great way for you to nurture your current customers with content, news, and programs that are relevant to them. Customers that are engaged, feel heard, and have a positive sentiment toward your brand, are more likely to renew and refer your product to others.
Yes! There are multiple ways to incorporate your marketing content within your online community or forum. You can integrate your blog, add display banners to promote upcoming events, create CTAs for collateral or news, and much more! Higher Logic Vanilla online communities are flexible and will scale with your goals.
Building an online community gives marketing teams visibility into the customers who are your biggest fans, and it helps identify others who may be willing to participate in marketing programs. Additionally, a Higher Logic Vanilla community can help you turn customers into advocates by designing rewards programs to incentivize community members to take part in your advocacy initiatives.

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