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Scale your support team and improve your customer experience with self-service support.

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Community enables your customers to find the answers they're looking for without overwhelming your support team. Higher Logic Vanilla has helped companies deflect up to 90% of their support requests, allowing them to scale up and proactively support their customers.

Why Is Higher Logic Vanilla is the Choice for Customer Support

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Vanilla works seamlessly with your support tools so customers can find the information they need and get help from a support agent if required:

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How We Make It Happen

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The Proof Is in the Results

75% decrease in time to answer

TeamViewer's community is the backbone of its customer support.

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Businesses Already Using Higher Logic Vanilla for Customer Support

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Learn how community can help scale your support experience.

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Community improves your support experience by consolidating all your customer-facing help assets into one searchable location. Customers can search within your online community and find the help they need with peer-to-peer discussions, Q&As, help documentation, and even content from other tools such as a Learning Management System or blog. Your customers no longer have to jump from tool to tool to find the help they need.
Yes! Since your customers can easily get answers to their questions without having to call or email your support team in an online community, they will, in turn, be more satisfied with your product and company. We've had customers report 10%-20% increases in their NPS scores as a result of online community support.
Community is the first place your customers can go to find answers to their questions. They can view Q&As asked by other members, search your Knowledge Base for help documentation, or even ask their own question. Since Higher Logic Vanilla forum software has SEO best practices built in, when your customer asks a question in Google, the relevant community results will show up.
Support teams are often answering the same questions repeatedly. Having answers to these common questions easily accessible in your online community, (which appears at the top of Google search results), allows customers to solve their problems before they even reach out to your team. Higher Logic Vanilla customers have reported deflecting up to 90% of their support tickets through community.

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