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Customer Success

Increase customer retention and advance your business by seamlessly engaging with your customers and equipping them with the resources they need to be successful.

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Customer Success teams are tasked with a lot to keep their customers engaged, adopt new features, and ultimately renew their contract. Online community can help do some of the heavy-lifting to ensure customer renewals by providing a hub for your customers to find the information they need, engage with their peers, and stay up to date on product and company announcements.

Why Higher Logic Vanilla Is the Choice for Customer Success

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Vanilla integrates with your customer success tools to help you measure engagement across all channels:

Salesforce | Zendesk

How We Provide Connection

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What Businesses Have to Say

10% increase in NPS

After implementing Higher Logic Vanilla, Quicken saw immediate results, including a 50% bump in community “helpful” rating and a 10% increase in NPS.

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Businesses Already Using Higher Logic Vanilla for Customer Success


Boosting Adoption, Retention, and Expansion with a Single Platform


Enabling Customer Success with Community Building

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How Community Can Deliver a Simplified Experience

See what community can do to help you improve your customer experience.

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In a few ways! Community helps you engage your customers via self-service support, content, news, and programs that are relevant to them. Customers who are engaged, supported, feel heard, and have a positive sentiment toward your brand are more likely to renew and refer your product to others.
Yes! Community is the best place to roll out one-to-many communications as it's the hub for all your company and product information. Customers go to online communities or forums to find the latest news and announcements.
Community should be engrained in your customer experience. It's the one place your customers go to find information about your product and connect with peers to share best practices. Posting product updates, relevant content, and events to draw them to the community is a great way to start getting your customers to engage. Gamifying your community with Higher Logic Vanilla's ranking and rewards system can also help drive engagement!
Absolutely! Higher Logic Vanilla has analytics built in to help you understand customer engagement within your online community. We can also send community activity data to Salesforce, so you can view all your customer engagement data alongside your CS tools such as ChurnZero and Totango.

What's next? Let us demonstrate how you can increase retention with a Higher Logic Vanilla community.

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