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Knowledge Base

Centralize all your help documentation, scale your support team and improve your customer experience

Help your customers find the information they need, when they need it with a Knowledge Base (KB) that is tied into your community

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Community first, self-service support

Centralize your help docs alongside your community content, giving your customers one spot to go for the info they need

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10% average increase in organic traffic

Improve your self-service support efforts by meeting your customers where they are - Google - and enabling them to find the help they need

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Better understand your users

Measure the impact your KB is having so you can understand the topics your users are most interested in, and identify any content gaps

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Migrate seamlessly

Migrating to Higher Logic Vanilla is easy - we'll bring over all your articles and associated data from your existing system

Why Knowledge Base

Provide self-service support to your customers, whenever they need, in the language they speak, all the while scaling your support efforts

All the Knowledge Base Essentials

Create multiple KB's, track revision history and turn community post into knowledge articles

Style your KB to Match your Brand

Adopt the same look-and-feel as your community theme, creating a seamless user experience

Search Across KB and Community

Help your users find the answers they're looking for, regardless of whether it lives in a KB article, or a discussion post

Machine Translate your Docs

Automatically translate your docs into other languages so you can serve your users across the world

Display Related & Recommended Articles

Show users similar articles to the doc they just read so they can find the most relevant content possible

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Knowledge Base is a key part of your community, and at the core of your self-service support strategy

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Analyze prebuilt or custom reports and graphs that help you understand how your users are interacting with your documentation

Learn about our other features

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Community Essentials

Everything you need to build your community

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Measure the impact of your community

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Style your community to match your brand

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Integrations & Development

Integrate with the tools you use everyday