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Product Feedback

Increase adoption and grow revenue by building community-informed products that resonate in the market.

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Sourcing feedback and beta testers can be a challenge. Build strong products that resonate through community — engage your customers, hear new product ideas, get product feedback, create user groups, communicate product announcements, and more.

Why Higher Logic Vanilla is the Choice for Product Feedback

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Higher Logic Vanilla syncs with the tools that power your product management workflows:

Productboard | Github | JIRA | Zapier

How We Deliver

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The Proof is in the Results

Over 25,000 Beta Users Directed to a Vanilla Community to Test

1Password have also used their community to build better products with the help of their customers. In fact, over 25,000 beta users were directed to the community to help test and build 1Password for Mac!

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Businesses Already Using Higher Logic Vanilla for Product Feedback


Scaling Product Feedback for Product Managers


How Product Teams Can Leverage Community


Managing Product Feedback at Scale

See how community supports your product feedback workflow.

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Community can be leveraged throughout your entire product lifecycle from feature idea to launch. Within an online community, you will gather new product ideas, test or get feedback on features from your user groups, and then, based on results, communicate the release to your customers.
Community helps you build a customer experience around your product. When your customers are part of a community of peers talking about best practices and seeing frequent product updates, they will be more aware of new features, and, in turn, more likely to adopt features and renew their subscription.
Your product management team members play an important role in community building. Their role is to close the loop with your customers and bring transparency into the development process. Providing status updates on ideas and posting release notes and product announcements are an important part of keeping your customers informed.
Community isn't defined as product management software as it's not used to manage a feature backlog. However, since it's the front end for capturing product feedback, it's a core component to helping product management teams build better products. Higher Logic Vanilla integrates with PM tools such as Productboard and JIRA to make this a seamless workflow.

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