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Building lasting relationships with customers just got a whole lot easier.

Our platform brings people, knowledge, and ideas together, making real conversations happen.

We empower businesses to create vibrant communities and drive regular engagement, strengthening customer bonds.

Our community creates a space to introduce new products, share best practices, and celebrate customer wins, driving stickiness.

Higher Logic is Trusted by 3,000+ Organizations Worldwide

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Improve customer outcomes

Create a central place where customers can access helpful resources, learn from others, and get help.

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Support customers at scale

Reduce ticket volumes and increase efficiency by enabling self-service support.

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Grow Your Brand

Lean on community to uncover advocates, launch new products, host events, and more.



Bitdefender switched community providers and increased activity by 121% and new users by 78%.


Support Tickets

OnShape encouraged customers to use the community for support and reduced tickets submissions by 20%.



After migrating off another community platform, Quicken increased their NPS over 10%.


Members Answered

Using our platform, Smartsheet sees 80% of questions answered by members; 20% by moderators.

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Platform Integrations

Create a central hub for customer engagement. With Higher Logic Vanilla, you can integrate your learning management system, ticketing tool, or marketing platform, and others with your community to deliver a more engaging customer experience.

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Higher Logic’s Vanilla Success Community

We get it.  Building an online community isn’t always easy, but we are here to help! As community-builders ourselves, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way and our community is a place where we, as well as our customers, share those learnings.

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Educational Benefits

Access onboarding documents, product release notes, best practices, and more.

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Peer Networking

Connect with your fellow community builders and exchange ideas.

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Product Input

Provide input on the direction of the product roadmap and submit ideas for future updates.

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Higher Logic Vanilla FAQ

Higher Logic Vanilla is the best-in-class community platform helping B2B and B2C companies create a digital place where their customers can access critical knowledge, get support, and connect with each other. We are community-first, meaning we only provide community, it is not an add-on to another solution and our team are experts in the space. Additionally, we were built to scale, so whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, Higher Logic Vanilla is equipped to help you succeed. 

Vanilla Forums is a Canadian software company founded in 2009 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was acquired by Higher Logic in 2021 and rebranded as Higher Logic Vanilla. 

One, it can help you centralize FAQs and resources to streamline customer onboarding. Two, it allows you to create a place where customers can access help docs and exchange best practices with their peers, driving product adoption and better outcomes. Lastly, it enables your customer success team to scale because they have a mechanism for facilitating 1:many relationships. Together these lead to a better customer experience and helps reduce churn. 

Instead of a team fielding individual customer requests, scaled customer success is 100% proactive. It is a set of programs designed to drive outcomes proactively, such as how to recognize time-to-value quickly, increase product or feature adoption, and drive lifetime value for both you AND your customers.    

It is likely you already have one! Online communities can look like Slack channels or LinkedIn groups for customers. However, to give your community a home, we recommend investing in a platform, like Higher Logic Vanilla. We can guide you through the steps of setting it up. 


Community should be engrained in your customer experience. It’s the one place your customers go to find information about your product and connect with peers to share best practices. Posting product updates, relevant content, and events to draw them to the community is a great way to start getting your customers to engage. Gamifying your community with Higher Logic Vanilla’s ranking and rewards system can also help drive engagement! 

Community helps you build a customer experience around your product. When your customers are part of a community of peers talking about best practices and seeing frequent product updates, they will be more aware of new features, and, in turn, more likely to adopt features and renew their subscription. Communities also create a place where you can host documentation, so customers can learn about your product and configure it to meet their needs. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

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  • From our initial engagement at the RFP stage to our “go live” day, Vanilla provided fantastic service and support. The platform offers great value with the features that we needed to deliver a modern community experience to Smartsheet customers.

    Gwyneth Casazza

    Senior Manager of Support at Smartsheet

Bitdefender Increased Traffic and Engagement and Improved Customer Experience

Bitdefender course-corrected a disengaged community and scaled exponentially with Higher Logic Vanilla. New users increased by 78%, activity increased by 121%, and average support response time decreased from 12+ hours to 2.

Tags: Customer Success, Customer Support, Marketing & Advocacy, Product Feedback

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F-Secure was in a position to reshape their investment into community – providing the customer with necessary wins across the customer journey and reviving their customer community.

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