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Higher Logic Vanilla Announces Integration with SlapFive to Drive Revenue Growth Through Community-Driven Customer Advocacy

ARLINGTON, VA (April 25, 2024) Higher Logic, the industry-leading community engagement company, announced a new integration within its Higher Logic Vanilla platform with SlapFive, the leading customer marketing and advocacy platform.

Higher Logic Vanilla customers can now use this integration to easily engage their community members in advocacy activities, such as referring new clients, sharing video testimonials, giving product feedback, and more, directly within their online communities. Designed to connect these actions to tangible revenue growth, the integration leverages SlapFive’s reporting capabilities to demonstrate the financial value of community-driven advocacy.

“With our new SlapFive integration, Higher Logic Vanilla customers can now unlock an entirely new level of engagement and advocacy among their community members,” said Rob Wenger, CEO, Higher Logic. “We can’t wait to see the creative ways our customers will use this to contribute to their organization’s bottom line and turn engaged members into influential brand champions.”

SlapFive’s platform provides a suite of pre-built, automated advocacy programs tailored to various interests and engagement levels within a member base. These programs integrate seamlessly into Higher Logic Vanilla communities through customizable widgets, ensuring a cohesive experience that aligns with each brand’s unique identity.

“At a time when customer voices carry more weight than ever, our integration with Higher Logic Vanilla marks a big moment for customer-led growth,” said Jeff Ernst, SlapFive, founder and CEO. “By bringing advocacy opportunities directly to where customers are most active, we’re setting a new standard for how businesses can tap into the power of online communities.”

Key use cases of the integration include the ability to:

– Automatically deliver personalized advocacy opportunities to members based on their community engagement.

– Gather member feedback and success stories via automated surveys that support video, audio, and text responses.

– Connect community advocacy efforts to financial outcomes with analytics and revenue reporting.

– Automatically assign members badges, points, and rewards based on their advocacy actions.

– Share advocacy actions and engagement scores across platforms for a complete view of customer activity.


Higher Logic, the industry-leading engagement platform, delivers powerful online communities and communication tools to engage members and customers at every stage of their journey. Higher Logic provides a robust engagement platform and strategic services with over a decade of experience in building personalized and scalable community engagement programs. We serve more than 3,000 customers, representing over 350,000 online communities with greater than 200 million users in more than 40 countries worldwide. For more information, visit


SlapFive is the only end-to-end Customer Marketing Software platform for driving Customer-Led Growth. By combining Customer Content, Customer Programs, Customer Campaigns, Customer Advocacy, and Customer References into a single solution, SlapFive gives companies complete visibility into all customer engagement activities and their influence on revenue. Over 500 Customer Marketing professionals rely on SlapFive to mobilize customers to drive strategic growth initiatives that improve customer acquisition, adoption, expansion, and retention.


Megan Langley, VP Marketing, Higher Logic Vanilla