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The Best of Higher Logic Vanilla 2022

With 2023 around the corner, and tons of epic content and thought leaders on our roster for the New Year, we figured it was worth taking a retrospective look at the year we’re about to close out.  

Wow, it’s hard to believe 2022 is ending!  

With 2023 around the corner, and tons of epic content and thought leaders on our roster for the New Year, we figured it was worth taking a retrospective look at the year we’re about to close out.  

Which of our Higher Logic Vanilla webinars did you attend?

What were the best eBooks you read?

And what content would you have loved to see us produce? 

Let’s do a quick round-up and let us know in the comments below!  

No. 5 – Five Predictions for Customer Success with John Ragsdale  

John Ragsdale is the distinguished Vice President of technology research for TSIA. His area of expertise is in assisting enterprise technology firms with the selection and value realization of tools and platforms, with a constant focus on the customer experience. 

At our December 2022 webinar, John detailed research done by TSIA around customer success over the coming year.  

What did he cover? 

  1. How scaling through hiring is ending. 
  2. That value realization will require more than adoption monitoring. 
  3. CSMs will act as product managers. 
  4. There is expansion coming to the CS tech stack. 
  5. There are going to be new CS focuses on expansion. 

Want to learn more about TSIA’s data-based predictions around customer success? You can watch the webinar on demand right here.    

No. 4 – A Guide to Online Communities for Enterprise Organizations 

It is crucial for enterprise organizations to align priorities and customer expectations.   

At Higher Logic Vanilla, we understand that there is no catchall solution to address every priority in an organization, however we have identified three key enterprise priorities that can be simplified with an online community.  

Read more about them in the Guide to Online Communities for Enterprise Organizations. Get your complimentary copy here.

No. 3 – Introducing Community Driven Impact with Richard Millington 

In September 2022, Richard Millington, Founder of FeverBee and author of Buzzing Communities, joined us for an incredibly insightful webinar.  

During Introducing Community Driven Impact, Millington shared his new approach to measuring and proving the impact of a community: The Community-Driven Impact Score. 

Interested in what he had to say? You can watch the webinar to find out about: 

  • Why the current approach to measuring a community isn’t working.   
  • What the Community-Driven Impact score is and how to calculate it.   
  • The specific steps to set up a simple measurement system for capturing the Community-Driven Impact score.  
  • How to interpret and use the score to build a data-driven community strategy. 

Watch it here now!  

No. 2 – How to Plan Online Community Leadership Programs with Carrie Melissa Jones  

Carrie Melissa Jones joined Adrian Speyer to discuss the importance of Community Leadership Programs, and how best to implement them.  

Jones explained how it can be difficult for community managers to step beyond the reactive day-to-day work, but to promote growth and engagement, they need to build effective community leadership programs.  

Join Carrie Melissa Jones to learn: 

  • Why leadership programs are critical to scaling your community   
  • The key components of a successful leadership program   
  • The key differences between rewards and incentives   

You can watch the webinar on demand right here 

No. 1 – Community Predictions 2023  

If you are familiar with Higher Logic Vanilla, you are probably familiar with our annual Community Predictions piece.  

For the past 8 years, we have worked with community experts to produce a guide to online community over the coming year.  

It gets bigger and better every year! For the 2023 edition, we spoke with Jono Bacon, Todd Nilson, Shana Sumers, Erica Kuhl, Carrie Melissa Jones, Adrian Speyer, Marjorie Anderson, Jenny Weigle, and Brian Oblinger to discuss the current and future value of community within an organization.  

You can get your free copy here to find out what our nine experts had to say!  

Nuala Cronin

Nuala is the Content Marketing Manager at Vanilla by Higher Logic. Nuala loves creating content, analyzing copy, and all things language.