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Bring your customers closer together.

Turn passive users into active participants with our engagement tools. Create a lively community where ideas flow, relationships grow, and every user feels valued.

Explore our community member engagement features


Alerts and Activity







Spark meaningful conversations.

Give your users a central space to get support, share knowledge, provide feedback, collaborate, and solve problems together. 

  • Discussion types: Start discussions, ask questions, create polls, and share ideas.
  • Reactions: Encourage interaction with emoji reactions, comments, @mentions, and private messaging.
  • Rich editor: Share images, videos and files, and format posts using HTML, Markdown, or BBCode.


Help users stay on top of everything that matters.

Keep users in the loop with real-time community updates.

  • Notifications: Alerts users about topics they follow and posts they’ve interacted with via email and in-app alerts.
  • Activity feed: See what’s hot in the community with a live feed of recent discussions, trending posts, and pinned threads.
  • Email digests: Send personalized, weekly summaries of top posts, complete with UTM tracking, analytics, and branding options.
  • Announcements: Pin important information like welcome posts and guidelines to the top of discussions so they’re always visible.


Create dedicated spaces for focused discussions. 

Build subgroups within your community for more personal interactions and targeted content. Users can geek out on niche topics, start local chapters, get support for specific challenges, and more.

  • Events: Schedule and manage events within groups, whether it’s a virtual meetup, a local gathering, or a specialized webinar.
  • Privacy options: Public groups are open for anyone to join, while private groups offer a more exclusive setting, perfect for sensitive discussions or smaller, tight-knit communities.
  • Permissions: Groups can be managed by dedicated moderators or be entirely user-driven, giving you the flexibility to choose the management style that best fits your group’s needs.


Crowdsource ideas from your community 

Bring all user feedback together in one place. Encourage users to share, discuss, and develop ideas. Whether it’s a new feature, a needed improvement, or an innovative concept, this is where great ideas come to life.

  • Idea statuses: Admins can keep users updated on the progress of their submissions with default or custom status labels.
  • Voting and comments: Users can upvote and comment on submissions, helping you prioritize the most popular ideas.
  • Perfect for user groups: Provide a central hub to gather feedback, aligning your product roadmap with user requests.
Higher Logic Vanilla ideation feature
Higher Logic Vanilla Events features


Host events within your community.

Create events in a snap, whether it’s for the whole community or specific groups. Use event analytics to understand what drives your users.

  • Event widgets: Put upcoming events front and center on community pages to keep users informed and excited about what’s ahead.
  • Zoom integration: Connect your Zoom account for one-click registration and seamless event viewing in your community. No forms, no separate landing pages. Just one click, and users receive an email from Zoom with the event details and a calendar option.
  • Public event access: Not a community member? No problem. Our platform makes it easy for anyone to join public events. More eyes, more engagement.


Engage and reward your users.

Use our reputation engine to promote good content, grant member abilities, and help automate moderation.

  • Points: Users can rack up points by answering questions, having answers marked as “accepted,” receiving positive reactions, and more. Customize point values to encourage the behaviors you want in your community.
  • Ranks: Set ranks based on points, time spent on the site, user roles, or a mix. Use ranks to unlock new abilities or offer incentives.
  • Badges: Use our default badges or get creative with custom ones to celebrate member milestones. Use our API to award badges based on actions taken in your app.
  • Leaderboards: Spark healthy competition and keep your community fired up. Highlight top contributors with daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboards. 

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