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Better support your users

Make supporting your users a cornerstone of your online community. Our features ensure your customers feel supported every step of the way and always have the right answers at their fingertips.

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Federated Search

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Search across multiple databases at once.

Make your community’s search even more powerful by adding content from external platforms. Whether it’s answers from your company’s help center or articles from The New York Times, everything shows up in one easy-to-use search bar.

  • Unified search: See all search results aggregated in one place, neatly organized by source for easy navigation. New content is instantly searchable, with no lag time for indexing.
  • Search connectors: Choose from our out-of-the-box connectors for popular platforms like Zendesk Guide and Salesforce CRM, or create custom ones. You can also integrate with advanced search platforms, such as Coveo, Google, SearchUnify, and more. Each search result URL includes UTM parameters (like source, medium, and term) to track user behavior and search effectiveness.
  • Search analytics: Track all search activity in your community. See details like search terms, user info, and more. Group and filter data by content type, search terms, phrases, and search connectors.


Encourage users to solve problems together.

Deflect support tickets, help customers with pre-sales questions, and increase community participation. Plus, Q&A is great for SEO.

  • Best answers: Best answers to a question are displayed at the top of the discussion list and can be themed to stand out, making it easy for others to quickly find the solution they’re looking for.
  • Notifications: Notify users when their question receives a response. Users are prompted to mark the question as answered and indicate whether responses answered their question.
  • Status: See if questions are answered, unanswered, rejected, or have an accepted answer, to keep everyone updated on progress. Nudge users with follow-up emails if they haven’t accepted or rejected answers to keep discussions moving.
  • Points: Motivate participation by rewarding users with reputation points and badges for answering questions and having answers accepted.


Centralize your support docs in one place.

No more scattered resources or fragmented documentation. Our built-in, searchable knowledge base centralizes all the information your users need, from detailed product guides to troubleshooting tips.

  • Multi-format: Set up your knowledge base as a step-by-step guide with articles that flow in order, like a user manual, or as a help center with stand-alone articles on specific topics, easily found via search.
  • Rich content: Format text and embed links, images, and videos to make your support articles easy to digest.
  • Convert posts to articles: Got a community post that’s gold? Turn it into a knowledge base article automatically. Keep the original post live for comments while linking it to the new article.
  • Feedback and analytics: Let users comment on and rate the helpfulness of articles. Gain insights into article performance to better address common questions.
  • Multiple Knowledge Bases: Cater to different products, languages, or user groups, and share articles across knowledge bases while maintaining one version.
Vanilla Success Community - Knowledge Base


Integrate with your favorite ticketing platforms.

Make your community a central hub for customer engagement by integrating your support platform like Zendesk, GitHub, and Jira with Higher Logic Vanilla directly or by using Zapier or Salesforce. With just a click, you can convert discussions and comments in your community into support tickets and issues. Click here to see a full list of our integration options.



Level up your support community with Zendesk.

Maximize the power of your support community with our Zendesk integration. Enhance your community with AI-powered sentiment analysis, end-user ticket creation, content conversion to Zendesk KB articles, two-way communication, and a customizable AI assistant for streamlined support and collaboration.

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