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Create a community your users love.

Build an online community that reflects your brand with easy-to-use design and content tools. No developer needed. Maintain a welcoming community with a host of moderation and management features.

Explore our design, content creation, and moderation features

Branding & Theming


Multi-Forum Management




Make your community your own.

Create a community space that’s visually stunning and perfectly tailored to your brand and your users’ need.

  • Custom layouts: Say goodbye to cookie-cutter community pages. With our Layout Editor, you have the power to design your community exactly how you envision it, whether you want a totally custom layout or prefer to use one of our pre-built templates.
  • Branding and themes: Choose from our ready-made themes or create your own, seamlessly blending header and footer HTML with your site. Our intuitive editor lets you update fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more. Every detail is customizable, from the URL and favicon to your own CSS. With support for 25 languages, localizing your interface is simple. Plus, our preview mode and version control mean you can experiment with confidence.
  • Widgets: Customize your pages with over 50 widgets, like article carousels, banners and calls to action. Drag and drop widgets into place and show them based on user roles to ensure relevance.


Make content simple to find and explore.

Keep your community active and organized with intuitive navigation features.

  • Search: As you type, autocomplete helps you locate posts, images, and videos. Results are ranked by keywords, word order, and post quality. Filter by post type, members, date, and more.
  • Categories: Like folders on your computer, categories keep your content neat and easy to find. Nested categories offer multiple levels of organization. Users can follow categories to get updates via in-app or email. Plus, set default categories for new users, so they automatically follow relevant topics from day one.
  • Tags: Users can add tags to their discussions, grouping related content for quick access. Track tags to see which topics are popular, who’s engaging with them, and where the discussions are happening.
  • Sort and filters: Sort posts by recent activity, popularity, and more. Filter by post type like questions or ideas. Spot posts that need attention by using advanced filters to track resolution status and engagement, so nothing slips through the cracks.
Higher Logic Vanilla categories and autocomplete search


Manage multiple or large communities.

Simplify the complexities of managing large communities with our two site models: Hub & Node and Subcommunities.

  • Hub & Node: Manage dozens or even hundreds of self-contained communities. Use one community (the Hub) to create multiple independent copies (Nodes) within seconds. Each Node operates independently with its own database while still syncing with updates made to the Hub.
  • Subcommunities: Create distinct spaces in your community for different needs, such as languages or product lines, without breaking up your user base. Each subcommunity has its own homepage, locale, and announcements. Users can move between subcommunities without losing their reputation points or ranks, and they’ll only see the content relevant to their specific subcommunity.
  • Multi-language support: Set a default language or allow community members to toggle the interface to their language of choice. Our platform supports over 25 languages and right-to-left or double byte text.


Maintain a positive and safe space.

Take control of your community. Use our inline moderation controls and member-driven moderation queues to spend less time reviewing content and more time growing your community.

  • Discussion actions: Moderators can edit everything in real-time to keep conversations flowing and on point. Bump hidden gems back to the top, lock threads, delete or sink irrelevant content, and move, merge, and split threads.
  • Spam & abuse moderation queue: Stay ahead of problems with flagged content reviews and even pre-moderation processes to catch issues before they go live. Approve or delete content directly from the queue to maintain a respectful community.
  • Change log: Track all admin actions with detailed logs. See the entire history of each post at a glance and easily restore or delete posts from the change log.

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