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Simplify user management.

Managing an online community can feel like herding cats. But with our admin features, you’ll have everything you need to bring order to the chaos and create an engaged community.

Explore our member management and security features

Admin Dashboard


Roles & Permissions

AI Bot Shield



Manage every aspect of your community.

Track stats, oversee user activity, and configure your account—all from our intuitive dashboard. Need more capabilities? Our plugin system lets you add features on demand, so you always have the right tools at the right time.

  • Users: Create, edit and delete users and user use-cases. Set the registration method (SSO, registration form, invitation, or approval), and even spoof in as a user to see what they see.
  • Plugins: Customize your community with plugins and add-ons. Activate what you need directly from the dashboard, no downtime required.


Personalize user profiles for better connections.

Every member gets their own profile, a space to showcase their skills, interests, and community highlights like badges, reactions, and activities.

  • Custom profile fields: Add fields that fit your community’s theme and goals, such as industry expertise or favorite products. These insights help you personalize messaging and keep everyone engaged.
  • Profile search: Make it easy for users find each other with default search filters for username, email, and role, or tap into custom profile fields for more specific searches.
  • Privacy settings: Users can control their profile visibility with public or private settings. Even in private mode, profiles remain accessible to admins for necessary oversight.


Fine-tune your community’s access.

Manage what members can do and see with role-based permissions. Whether you start with default roles or create your own, you have over 30 permissions to control access and capabilities.

  • Roles: Distribute the workload with defined roles. Empower your admins, moderators, and content creators to take ownership and contribute. Define specific permissions for different categories in your community. Assign multiple roles to members and sync roles via SSO with an access control list.
  • Private community: Opt to make your community fully private. Only registered members can log in and participate, with the option for new registrants to require approval before joining.
  • Ranks: Highlight user status and unlock more abilities with customizable ranks. Assign ranks manually, via SSO, or let members earn them based on their reputation score.


Protect your community’s IP and user data.

AI is changing the game, but it also brings new security headaches. AI bots might be crawling your community and taking your data without you even knowing. Enter AI Bot Shield by Higher Logic Vanilla—a built-in security feature that keeps those sneaky AI bots out.

  • Smart detection: Our tool uses digital signatures to spot and block invasive AI bots, going beyond what robots.txt can do.
  • Selective blocking: We target AI bots without affecting your SEO. Good search engine crawlers are allowed, so your site’s visibility remains strong.

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