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Erica Kuhl Consulting

By Amy Davis

Hi I’m Erica Kuhl. I’ll build you a robust community strategy and programs with my extensive expertise, authentic approach, and trusted services. You’ll benefit from a vibrant community of customers that sell, service, and market alongside you while also demonstrating clear company ROI.

What is Unique About Me.

My Experience: I have over 18 years of Enterprise community expertise. While at Salesforce I built everything from scratch including the strategy, programs, and ROI metrics.  I understand running community programs on any size budget and with any size team from 1 to 35+ people.  I’ve also seen massive company growth from 176 to 49,000 employees allowing me to adapt my strategies and deeply understand challenges at any company stage.

My Success Metrics: The ROI I’ve been able to prove of an engaged community is staggering. It  will bring your business more pipeline, larger deals, higher product adoption, lower attrition, more referenceable customers, and increased case deflection.

My Values: Customer success, authenticity and trust are core values of mine, and I weave these into every project I work on.


My community building formula is simplified into a 5 step process in order to show you results and recognize a return on investment as fast as possible.  I provide the tools, templates, processes, and introductions to make your journey to a successful community a smooth one!

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