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Brian Oblinger

By Amy Davis

I help brands engage their customers to increase satisfaction, lower costs, and generate more revenue through the power of community. I’ll guide you from blue sky concept to tangible value with a proven process that’s backed by two decades of experience delivering success at scale.

We’ll partner to build a custom strategy leveraging your domain knowledge and my expertise across many facets of community and customer experience. You’ll be in extremely capable hands.


A drive to be part of something bigger than ourselves and building meaningful relationships are at the heart of who we are as humans. I’ll help you tap into those powerful emotions using a proven customer-centric methodology to activate your community, deliver ROI at scale across the business, and make you a hero in your organization.


I’ve spent 20 years helping enterprise brands leverage the power of community and CX to deliver value throughout their businesses. Wherever you’re going, I can get you there.

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