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Looking for an online community tool, but want to ensure it works with your existing WordPress website? Higher Logic Vanilla offers a strong integration with your WordPress site, including the following tools:

Higher Logic Vanilla Commenting System: 

  • Website comments that integrate with existing community and login system

What does that mean? It means that when a visitor adds a comment to a blog post or any other piece of content, it not only appears on your WordPress site. Our robust plugin also creates a corresponding discussion in your Vanilla community in the category of your choice.

Vanilla Discussions Widget

  • Display recent discussions in your Higher Logic Vanilla forum on your WordPress site.
  • Show recent WordPress activity in your Higher Logic Vanilla forum, like user registrations or status updates.

Vanilla Activity Widget

  • This widget displays a list of users who’ve recently been active on your Vanilla forum in your WordPress backend.
  • You can define how many forum discussions to show and  filter specific discussion categories.

Vanilla Users Widget

  • Defin how many activities to show and filter activities from users in specific roles, like administrator activity, for example