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Salesforce and Higher Logic Vanilla: Unlock Customer Insights

Get a complete picture of how customers are engaged with your brand so your teams can improve the customer experience, increase engagement, and identify brand advocates when you combine community activity insights from Higher Logic Vanilla and Salesforce CRM data.

How Salesforce works with Higher Logic Vanilla

Community houses valuable insights about your customers and how they’re interacting with your brand and products. The Salesforce connector syncs individuals’ community activity data (last active, recent posts, ideas submitted, etc.) from Higher Logic Vanilla into Salesforce to better understand how a contact has been engaging within the larger context of their account.

The integration also allows for support ticket escalation and lead forwarding to the other Salesforce Clouds.

Team’s use a Salesforce-integrated community to:

  • Help CX teams understand how customers are engaging with their brand and identify potential advocates
  • Understand how community is impacting the success of an account
  • Escalate community support cases to an agent in Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Send leads generated from community to a sales rep in Salesforce Sales Cloud

4 reasons to integrate Salesforce and Higher Logic Vanilla:

  1. Improve the connection CX has with your customers
  2. Provide a better support experience
  3. Make better decisions with more holistic data
  4. Help build out your advocacy program