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Productboard & Higher Logic Vanilla: Build Products that Resonate

Community is the best way to source product feedback at scale. Connect Higher Logic Vanilla and Productboard to automatically capture valuable product feedback from your community straight into Productboard and build products that resonate.

How Productboard works with Vanilla

New ideas, comments and upvotes posted in the community are automatically sent to Productboard for further evaluation by the Product team. To close the feedback loop, Productboard roadmaps can also be embedded within Higher Logic Vanilla to give your customers transparency into what you’re working on, how their ideas contributed to the roadmap, and what’s coming next.

Team’s use a Productboard-integrated community to:

  • Gather product feedback from a wide variety of customers, at scale
  • Understand what users need and build products driven by real market feedback
  • Communicate product and roadmap updates to close the feedback loop with your customers

4 reasons to integrate Productboard and Vanilla:

  1. Get closer to your users
  2. Streamline the feedback workflow
  3. Increase your adoption rates
  4. Improve your product experience