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Federated Search & Higher Logic Vanilla: Build Simplified Experiences

Consolidate your customer-facing resources that are spread across disparate systems/tools such as discussions, knowledge bases and learning management systems, into one unified location with Federated Search. Simplify your customer experience and allow your customers to easily find relevant content in community search, regardless of where it lives.

How Federated Search works with Vanilla

Customer facing content can live in various places – community discussions, knowledge bases, learning management systems, blogs and more. Having valuable content scattered across tools can be a frustrating experience for your customers. Higher Logic Vanilla’s Federated Search Connectors brings all your customer-facing content into community search, keeping community at the center of your customer journey, and the single location customers come to find information.

Team’s use Federated Search with community to:

  • Ensure customers find what they’re looking for, regardless of where it lives
  • Enable a true self-service support experience
  • Keep community at the center of their customer journey with their brand

3 reasons to use Federated Search with Vanilla:

  1. Centralize content to enable self-service support
  2. Improve your customer experience
  3. Increase the efficiency of your support team