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Align your community with your branding, and create an online community layout unique to you, without writing a line of code

Your online community is central to your customer journey and a core part of your brand. With Higher Logic Vanilla you can brand your online community with a simple, but powerful layout editing tool so your members feel right at home.

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Easily apply your branding

Add your colors, fonts and logos in a few simple clicks to create a consistent brand experience

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Simple, yet flexible

Build your online community to be unique, without writing custom code with a simple but powerful interface

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We provide the building blocks

Widgets provide all the community and forum components you need to efficiently design your pages

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Performance is built in

You're choosing a platform that prioritizes security, SEO, accessibility, and mobile responsiveness, ensuring you're always running on the latest tech

Taking Complexity out of Page Design

Add sections to your page, apply and customize the widgets you want to display and create a community that is unique to you, without the extra effort

Widget Catalogue

Widgets are the building blocks of your online community pages. Add banners, links, buttons, tags, discussion lists and more and easily customize them with a few clicks

Step-by-Step Layout Designer

Add sections to your pages and apply widgets, move them around the page, and change the look and feel of them all in one simple interface

Mobile Responsive

Higher Logic Vanilla online communities are mobile friendly by default, adapt to the screen size of the user, regardless of what device they're using

Accessibility Friendly

We put accessibility first and a Higher Logic Vanilla community is built to WCAG standards, ensuring that community is an inclusive experience for everyone

Insert Custom Code

Although code is not required to build your community, Higher Logic Vanilla scales with you -- so if you want to make significant layout customizations, HTML or JavaScript can be embedded

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Choose from a library of widgets to help you build your community pages

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Customize your widgets, including which user types sees what content, to add a level of personalization

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Community Essentials

Everything you need to build your community

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Measure the impact of your community

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Knowledge Base

Centralize help docs and enable self-service support

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Integrations & Development

Integrate with the tools you use everyday