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Community Analytics

Understand the overall impact that your online community is having on your customers and your organization.

Higher Logic Vanilla's community analytics captures and visualizes all the data you need to understand your community trends so you can tell your community story

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Visualize the data in your way

Measure your community impact in the ways the make the most sense to your organization.

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Better understand trends

See how your members are engaging in your online community or forum to help drive new initiatives.

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Connect data to other systems

Connect community data to other tools in your tech stack such as Salesforce to get a true 360 view of your customer activity.

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Tell your community story

Demonstrate the value of your online community, and understand the overall impact that it has on your business.

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Measure the impact

Dozens of charts and graphs dive deep into the data, helping you understand how members are engaging in your online community, what they're searching for, discussions they're posting and how long it's taking to get a response.

Dozens of pre-built charts & graphs

Reference out-of-the box reports to view engagement, traffic, posting, search and knowledge base analytics

Build your own custom reports

We track all the data you need behind the scenes so you can leverage our custom dashboard builder to create dashboards that matter the most to your community

Export data to a CSV file

We support exporting your analytics data to a CSV file so you can manipulate the data as needed and import into other systems

Share data between systems

Using our APIs or pre-built integrations such as Salesforce, you can connect community data to other tools and get a holistic view of your customer activity

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Dozens of out of the box charts and graphs let you see at a glance how your online community is impacting your business

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Visualize your online community data in the way it makes the most sense to you with our custom dashboard builder

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Community Essentials

Everything you need to build your community

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Knowledge Base

Centralize help docs and enable self-service support

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Style your community to match your brand

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Integrations & Development

Integrate with the tools you use everyday