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Boosting Adoption, Retention, and Expansion with a Single Platform

Though many technology organizations may have initially implemented customer communities with customer self-service in mind, as online communities mature, they offer strategic value outside of technical support. In particular, there are multiple use cases for leveraging communities to accelerate the success of your customers. In this blog we will look at how vibrant, engaged online … Continued

5 Habits of Good Customer Service Teams

Good customer service teams all have one thing in common—their habits. In the world of customer service, there are very clear rules about what you should and shouldn’t do, however it’s still hard to find good customer service these days. The first, and most important thing, that you need to keep in mind is that … Continued

How to Give Your Customer Success Team Superpowers

Is your customer success team burnt out? How about stressed? If the answer is yes, I’m not surprised. With recent emphasis on customer success programs and the rise in rapidly scaling tech companies, customer success teams are often strapped for resources and time. Obviously, burnt-out customer success teams digging through disparate data sources and patching … Continued